Matt Hallala


I’m Matt. I am a commercial photographer based in Edinburgh.

I am a night owl.

I think Scotland is one of the most beautiful places on earth, but I feel cold most of the time.
I like cars and driving without a particular destination in mind.
I wish visual arts could have as strong an impact as music has on me, but at the same time I can’t play any instruments…

I am a part of 5.12 Studio. Working in and out of my London Road studio the genres of photography I’m usually involved with are:

  • Lifestyle
  • Portrait
  • Event
  • Food & Drink

I strive to combine skilled craftsmanship and unique aesthetics to produce images with a strong narrative edge. Regardless of the type of work I do, I am always passionate about telling a story - mine, yours, her brand’s or their relationship’s.

I am happy to produce images for commercial, editorial and personal purposes. If you have a project you think I could help you with, please contact me using the form below. |151 London Rd, Edinburgh EH7 6AE

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